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I'm Filip, a freelance front-end developer based in Serbia. I work with companies all around the world helping them build better web experiences with a focus on responsive design, performance and accessibility. Check out my portfolio, learn about my process, get my resume or send me an email.

Client reviews

What they've said about me

Filip has a unique combo of skills: design & development. He proactively suggested some great ideas on how to make the website not just functional but esthetic. He created awesome visual mocks, iterated quickly based on my input and then coded all of it into a superb website. Throughout the process Filip was a charm to work with. All All in all great designer-developer with an outstanding sense for client service.

Robert Molnar,

I needed someone who can design AND develop a landing page and upload it to my website. Filip did a great work in doing the above. It is pleasure working with Filip, he understands what needs to be done and does it in very quick and efficient way. For my next projects for landing pages I would would with him again. Thank you Filip!

Maria Smith,

Simply awesome experience working with Filip. It's especially difficult to manage a project that requires programming since you have to anticipate the time it takes to debug and make modifications to the project but it was easy working with someone who has the patience and understanding to handle projects like this. Looking forward to working with him again in the future. Thank you!

Jason Coleman

Filip was AMAZING! The only reason we are ending the contract is because he got too busy with bigger projects. I am sad to loose him as he is awesome. I would definitely hire again and again. If you have the opportunity to work with Filip, you should absolutely do it, he will make you proud!

Liam Shy
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Some stats:

  • 45 Clients
  • 4 years in bussiness
  • Never worked in a real office
  • This website was visited by people in 78 countries

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My skills


Clean, validated, semantic HTML. I try to write as little markup as possible while trying to convey the meaning behind it.


How would the web look without colors, shapes and layout? That's why I love CSS! Lately I've been using SCSS mostly because it really is CSS with superpowers.


JavaScript, the language of the web, it's responsible for everything going on in your web browser. I love using JS to create drawings!

Responsive Design

We surf the web using devices with different screen sizes. Responsive design is a set of techniques that allow websites to change their layout based on your device's screen.


Most popular CMS on the planet, Wordpress allows non developers to edit the website content very easily. When I create themes I make sure UX for the admin is amazing as well.


I offer consulting services to creative bussinesses and individuals that are in need of a stronger online presence.

Some facts:

  • Talks a lot
  • Loves summer, hates winter.
  • Drinks fruit smoothies each morning.
  • Uses polished photos for marketing purposes.
  • Sometimes thinks reality is a computer generated simulation.
  • Spent more than 200 days playing a video games during high school.
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