Filip Rastovic

Conversion Optimization Consultant | CRO | HCI | Usability | WordPress Developer

Quick Bio

Web experimentation specialist. Web developer, scientific web designer, and marketer. Always eager to speak with people with similar interests. If you'd like to contact me, feel free to email me or connect on LinkedIn.

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Filip’s fascination, passion, and curiosity for peoplecomputers, and art, started off from an early age. He drew his first user interface wireframes in kindergarten, playing with the piece of paper, and imagining it as a communication gadget, a pager device. As a high schooler, he got a bit entrepreneurial and used to sell animated PowerPoint presentations to other students who turned them in for grades. He later studied computer science while mercilessly learning and expanding his understanding of design, marketing, and web usability.

Filip started his professional career as a web designer and developer, working remotely from Serbia for an amazing US-based digital marketing agency, and soon started his own independent consultancy focusing on Conversion Optimization and Web Design.

Past Clients

He had the pleasure to work with Google, Johnsons & Johnsons, Australian Museum, Guy Kawasaki, Tipalti, Psyop, BunkerVFX, Bending Spoons, Hard Work Club, and 60 other clients from every continent on the planet. 

What's he working on

Today he helps his clients solve an array of very specific challenges, including leading conversion optimization for e-commerce, designing websites and user interfaces and developing them. Filip is a conversion expert, web developer, and graphic designer.

When he’s not working with clients, Filip enjoys creating 3D art (sometimes commercially as well!). 

Always questioning the world around him, Filip enjoys reading fat books, playing guitar, listening to music, and working out. He used to live in the World of Warcraft as a teenager, defeating the Lich King with the guild Digital Crew that he led.

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