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Filip Rastovic
Hi, I'm Filip, welcome to my website!

I help companies solve business problems through visual design

Filip Rastovic
Hi, I'm Filip, welcome to my website!

Your landing pages have a unique selling cycle

Apply best practices or risk wasting cash on paid advertising that doesn't convert. But it doesn't have to be like that. I can help you:

Generate more leads

Users are overwhelmed by too much choice. What do I read? Where do I click? Remove distractions and you'll convert more.

Market your brand

Associate your brand with clarity. Users love brands they can understand and leaving a great first impression is crucial.

Optimize & Grow

Start with a hypothesis and test until you're satisfied with the results. Applying scientific method can help you grow. Leverage Big Data.

Landing Page Design Process

First we create a strategy and a plan. What are the problems we're trying to solve, how are we going to do it and how do we measure success?

Are you aware of your competition? You should be. I make sure to research your PPC keywords and analyse landing pages for your competitors. Breaking them down gives great insight that you can use to build something better on top of.

Working with your copywriter I help you structure a compelling story and give you advice on other media formats we're going to use for your landing page: images, videos, animations and so on.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. That's why I don't rush into design just yet. Creating a structured user flow of your landing page I help you best construct the narrative of your offer so users can understand what it's all about.

After we have agreed and the wireframe has been approved it's time to apply your brand guidelines into it. We talk about the content in advance: are you going to provide the images and other neccecery media for the landing page or do I have to buy them? We often do one or two revisions during this step. After the design has been approved we take it into production and test on both desktop and mobile screens afterwards.

The best part of the process! Enjoying the results of your high converting landing pages. But it shouldn't end here. We create at least one new variation of the landing page to split test against. Did you know that you can get very different results by just changing the color of your primary call to action button?

What they said about me

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Filip has a unique combo of skills: design & development. He proactively suggested some great ideas on how to make the website not just functional but esthetic. He created awesome visual mocks, iterated quickly based on my input and then coded all of it into a superb website. Throughout the process Filip was a charm to work with. All All in all great designer-developer with an outstanding sense for client service.

Robert Molnar

CEO Of Stratolytics

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I needed someone who can design AND develop a landing page and upload it to my website. Filip did a great work in doing the above. It is pleasure working with Filip, he understands what needs to be done and does it in very quick and efficient way. For my next projects for landing pages I would would with him again. Thank you Filip!

Maria Davidson


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Filip was AMAZING! The only reason we are ending the contract is because he got too busy with bigger projects. I am sad to loose him as he is awesome. I would definitely hire again and again. If you have the opportunity to work with Filip, you should absolutely do it, he will make you proud!

Liam Shy

Flight Collective

Testimonial Person Image

Fillip understood the project, understood my needs and made it happen. Created a really beautiful landing page that is going to work well with my ad campaign.

Andrew Semaan

Practice Cultivator

Testimonial Person Image

Whaou ! Working with Filip is just GREAT ! Everything is easy and simple. Thanks a lot for your great work, we will be booking you again very soon!

Battista Ravane


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Working with Filip has been a very smooth process. He is quick and clear with communication and works through revisions easily and without any hiccups.

Mike Hutter


Am I a good fit for your project?

While I welcome inquiries from all types of companies that use Unbounce landing pages, experience has shown I obtain the best result for clients with the following traits...

  • Have an opportunity to build growth through their marketing plan
  • Are running paid advetising
  • Recognize their landing pages are a valuable marketing asset
  • Value a structured process to ensure great results

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