Become a 3D Artist for free!

Learn the art style that has enabled me to work with the biggest brands on the globe. Get on board and become the artist you were meant to be!

My Process

Create a production ready render that’s top notch quality in an hour! Join our Discord community where we discsuss all things abstract!

For beginner users, I will explain how I use and navigate Cinema 4D. More advanced users can skip that section. Then I’ll explain my abstract composition modeling process and how I create pieces from scratch. You also get an abstract model pack so you can create your own compositions like LEGO.

Every lesson has a starter scene file and a finished scene file along with the final renders. So if you don’t want to 3D model but just play with lights and colors you can take the finished scene and change it around to create your own renders.

Create a stunning portfolio for Behance and Dribbble and attract the best clients.

Vivien Olsen

UX/UI Designer, Epic Games


I’ve always wanted to learn 3D but could never find a simple course that focuses entirely on abstract modeling and composition using Cinema 4D. Other courses I tried were too complex and the instructor skipped over shortcuts so I couldn’t follow them. I can confidently say this course is different and would recommend it to anyone who wants to get into 3D!

Aimie Alvarez

Freelance Graphic Designer and Visual Artist


When I found Filip’s course I was so inspired by its cute and pinkish visual style I had to learn how to do it! Tutorials I’ve watched on youtube were hard to follow and low quality so I decided to purchase the course. I do not regret it!

Rohaan Hutton

Product Designer, Switch Automation


I am a UI designer and learning 3D seems natural to me because I want to become a better designer. It’s hard to find a course that speaks to me because I can’t draw ( I draw rectangles and circles ) but this course really spoke to me!

Eli Walton



I recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a better designer! Filip’s style of teaching is straightforward and easy to follow! He goes into detail in sections where it’s necessary and doesn’t waste time repeating himself! Also, the renders are super cute!!!

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Frequently asked questions

Does the course have a start date?

No, it doesn’t. Once you buy the course you can watch it whenever you wish. Once you’re done please show me what you’ve created and be featured in students’ library.

How lond do I have access to the course.

Lifetime access. This course will be updated as time goes by and things changed, but you’ll always have the access to the latest updates and features.

Do I need a powerful PC?

No. Cinema 4D is optimized to work on older computers as well. I actually started learning it using a Laptop. Once you get into Octane / Redshift and real-time rendering you’ll need a nVidia GPU, Refer to the system requirements on Cinema 4D’s website to make sure you can run the software.

Your instructor

Filip Rastovic

Filip has been working with the biggest brands on the globe, making their visuals stand out with awesome 3D graphics. He has worked in motion graphics, virtual and augmented reality, games & VFX.

Some of his previous clients are Google, Johnsons & Johnsons, Tipalti, Robert Kiyosaki, Bending Spoons, Hololoot…

Academic background in computer science and engineering and extensive UX design experience has allowed Filip to jump into 3D with a strong foundation.

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