Become a 3D Artist

Do you like abstract 3D art? Be able to work with the best brands, pros, charge more and inspire big audiences? Are you bored of working on repetitive UI design projects and boring motion graphics pieces that aren’t challenging you? Then this course is for you!

You can learn 3D – you just haven’t found the right teacher yet. Big brands are looking for artists that re able to produce great abstract 3D art. And there aren’t lots of great abstract 3D artists around. Why? Because there aren’t a lot of abstract 3D tutorials and courses out there. It’s as 3D art industry is closed to those who are not working in big 3D studios or game companies. People don’t share information about the industry and how to get into it.

You might have questions such as

  • What kind of computer do I need to learn 3D and work with the best brands? 
  • Can I work on my Apple computer or do I need a PC? 
  • Should I learn Octane or Redshift? 
  • What’s the best material library? 
  • Should I learn Cinema 4D or Blender? 
  • What about After Effects? 
  • What should I learn to become an abstract artist? 
  • How do I find clients? 
  • How long will it take me to get on a pro level? 
  • Where do I find inspiration? 
  • What’s art direction? 

I will answer all of these questions for you. 

First of all, don’t worry. Learning 3D, becoming good at it, and selling it to the biggest brands is possible. I’m saying this from experience. I’ve been working as a freelance web designer for 4 years before picking up 3D. After 4 years of designing websites and apps, I was hungry to learn more about design and art. After listening Beeple Grayscalle Gorilla interview, I felt super inspired to learn 3D. His story really struck with me. Beeple worked as a web designer and picked up 3D because he wanted to learn a 3D package. So, I started learning 3D as well. 

The beginnings were super rough – my renders sucked ass, I couldn’t 3D model what I wanted, texturing seemed unlearnable, lighting was hard. But I practiced daily. I wanted to work with the biggest brands on the globe.

After a whole year of practice, taking courses, tutorials and doing daily renders, I got my first client! At that time I was super active on social media: Dribbble, Behance, Linkedin and Instagram. I was posting my work every day, even if it sucked. Eventually, my projects started showing up on my clients’ search results and I was offered to create a set of 3D illustrations! Having a strong online presence is really important when it comes to freelance 3D. 

So I finished my first client project, felt great and kept on learning. Eventually I got offers from Google, Microsoft and Johnsons & Johnsons. Finally, I’ve achieved what I wanted. That’s when I decided I know enough to teach others how to do it as well. I created few free 3D abstract modeling and rendering YouTube lessons. These videos started to get popular and then I’ve decided to make a full course on the topic of abstract 3D art. 

This course is about abstract 3D compositions and art in general. The first part of the course is aimed at Cinema 4D beginner users. In this part, I explain how to use the user interface, modeling layout, and explain all the tools we’ll be using. You’ll have this part as a reference you can always jump back to if you forget how to do something. Then there are six modeling and rendering lessons where I teach you how to 3D model a scene, texture it, light it, and render it afterward. I also provide you with a 3D modeling asset pack you can use to create your own original compositions

After you finish the course you should have 6 new portfolio pieces ready to be uploaded to your Dribbble and Behance. Just make sure to tag your projects, otherwise, clients will never find you

Start your 3D journey today! The course is available for $200, an investment in your future self. If you do some research you’ll soon realize 3D artists have day rates that are much higher than the price of this course. Start learning 3D today and reap the benefits after you start providing a new service to your clients. If you’re still not ready, check out some of the free lessons on my youtube channel instead. 

Learning 3D is hard but I guarante you that if you do this course from start to finish you’ll have tons of confidence in your 3D skills and be able to negotiate and deliver abstract projects for big brands. You’ll be able to proudly share your work on social media and designer networks and not have the feeling that you’re not good enough. Many designers and artists struggle with imposter syndrome. While I think that’s perfectly fine, once you have a track record of delivering high quality work to your clients, that feeling doesn’t bother you as much anymore. 

Procrastination is the enemy of all artists. So stop wasting time and start learning.

Taking this course you’ll go from a UI/UX/motion designer to a real 3D artist who’s able to communicate with other 3D artists and VFX artists about topics you knew nothing about before. You’ll become someone who can art direct a whole project from start to finish. And if you purchase the course, you’ll be able to join our private Discord group where we discuss 3D art and how to work with clients!

Keep on creating!

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Single Payment

  • 5+ hours of lessons
  • Private community Discord invite
  • Studio lighting techniques explained
  • 3 more free bonus scene files to download


Most of 3D Artists use Windows. Octane Render works only on Windows. You can use Cinema 4D on Mac, but you can’t use Octane. You can use Redshift on Mac tho. Redshift is just as powerful as Octane. Octane render requires an nVidia graphics card. A good starting card is RTX 2070. There are famous 3D artists that use Macbook only, they usually render in Redshift or in Octane using an external GPU.

This course is about Octane render. But I’m sure you can follow along with redshift as lighting and rendering is really simple, most of the course is focused on 3D modeling.

I don’t use a material library in this course, only simple glossy materials with 50% roughness but my favourite material libraries are from Grayscale Gorilla and Poliigon.

Cinema 4D is easier to use but Blender is free and is being used in game development much more. Learn the one that you feel inspired to learn. You can easily watch a Blender course and recreate what’s being made in Cinema 4D or vice versa.

If you’re not getting deep into vector animation then the fundamentals of after effects is all you need. But only if you wish to render videos or gifs. For still images Photoshop is fine. I use AE mostly for format conversion and compression.

You have to know your design fundamentals. When it comes to 3D, lighting is by far the most important factor. You can have the best models and textures in the world but if your lighting sucks your image will look bad. 

You have to dominate design social media such as Dribbble and Behance on a specific hashtag that is not over-saturated and clients will start finding you!

I’m not sure, but it took me 1-2 years. 

Behance, Dribbble, Instagram, films, movies, real world…

Art Directors are not necessarily amazing 3D modellers or texture artists, but they’re amazing at understanding the client brief, hiring modellers and texture artists and telling them what to do, then taking these assets and composing an amazing scene with stellar lighting, mood, atmosphere and color. 




You’ll learn how to model 3D forms and compose them together. You’ll also learn how to search the web for free high-quality 3D models and use them in your own work.



You’ll learn how to use the spline pen, extrude tool, and mograph cloner. Also how to shade high-quality models found on the web.



You’ll learn the basics of subdivision surface modeling, topolgy, sweeps, deformers, and modifiers. Understanding these tools will allow you to design scenes of your own.



You’ll learn how to apply bend deformers to bend geometry and make it look organic, also how to apply voronoi fracture and take your forms to the next level.



You’ll learn how to use Octane node system to create interesting shaders utilizing the noise gradient technique.



You’ll learn how to use spline masks and turn your 2D geometry into 3D forms that look amazing!


Not sure yet?

If you want to find out if this course is a good match for you, you can watch a bonus episode for free. In this one-hour lesson, you’ll create a 3D composition and render it.


Vivien Olsen

UX/UI Designer, Epic Games


I’ve always wanted to learn 3D but could never find a simple course that focuses entirely on abstract modeling and composition using Cinema 4D. Other courses I tried were too complex and the instructor skipped over shortcuts so I couldn’t follow them. I can confidently say this course is different and would recommend it to anyone who wants to get into 3D!

Aimie Alvarez

Freelance Graphic Designer and Visual Artist


When I found Filip’s course I was so inspired by its cute and pinkish visual style I had to learn how to do it! Tutorials I’ve watched on youtube were hard to follow and low quality so I decided to purchase the course. I do not regret it!

Rohaan Hutton

Product Designer, Switch Automation


I am a UI designer and learning 3D seems natural to me because I want to become a better designer. It’s hard to find a course that speaks to me because I can’t draw ( I draw rectangles and circles ) but this course really spoke to me!

Eli Walton



I recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a better designer! Filip’s style of teaching is straightforward and easy to follow! He goes into detail in sections where it’s necessary and doesn’t waste time repeating himself! Also, the renders are super cute!!!

Henri Goulding

UI UX Designer


3D is really popular these days and I think it will be even more popular and in demand in the future. I wanted to learn Cinema 4D for some time now and this course was what I needed! I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to advance in their design career!

Myrtle Hoffman

Motion Designer


Amazing course! I learned so much! Thanks, Filip, looking forward to seeing what you’ll create in the future!

Purchase once - lifetime access


Single Payment

  • 5+ hours of lessons
  • Private community Discord invite
  • Studio lighting techniques explained
  • 3 more free bonus scene files to download

Your instructor

Filip Rastovic

Filip has been working with the biggest brands on the globe, making their visuals stand out with awesome 3D graphics. He has worked in motion graphics, virtual and augmented reality, games & VFX.

Some of his previous clients are Google, Johnsons & Johnsons, Tipalti, Robert Kiyosaki, Bending Spoons, Hololoot…

Academic background in computer science and engineering and extensive UX design experience has allowed Filip to jump into 3D with a strong foundation.