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Why Is My Landing Page Not Converting?

It is the question many PPC experts struggle with, why is my landing page not converting? With modern landing page design tools such as Unbounce, Instapage and Clickfunnels it is today easier than ever to quickly set up a landing page for your next PPC campaign and have an immediate feedback on how your page… continue reading

Freelancing as a Junior – Intermediate Developer

You might wonder how does a junior or intermediate developer find freelance work? Freelance work appears tempting – doing it full-time allows you to never go to a real office, providing you with freedom to make your own schedule, travel more & be more selective about the projects you work on. The downside that everyone… continue reading

Persuasive Web Design Explained

After reading Robert B. Cialdini’s book: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion my understanding of current web design trends broadened and in this article I’ll try to explain how I now interpret web advertising we see daily and reasons why marketers and designers follow these trends. I don’t want to get into the moral discussion of… continue reading

How To Freelance As a Junior Developer

In the spite of being told couple of times by older freelance developers that it’s impossible to find a job for a junior developer on Upwork I managed to found a couple of very cool junior developer jobs that would help me learn. and I did it just by searching “junior developer” on Upwork and… continue reading

How To Freelance With No Skills?

I was around 12 years old (2006.) when I first heard the concept of a freelancer, a person who works online and needs only his laptop to make a living. It took me two more years (2008) to create an account on a freelance marketplace website, unfortunately I was still unable to grasp the whole… continue reading

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While I welcome inquiries from all types of companies that use Unbounce landing pages, experience has shown I obtain the best result for clients with the following traits...

  • Have an opportunity to build growth through their marketing plan
  • Are running paid advetising
  • Recognize their landing pages are a valuable marketing asset
  • Value a structured process to ensure great results

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